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Fox Attacks

Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films has just launched Fox Attacks. Check out what they are doing over there… Get Involved… DO SOMETHING!

The Jury is Out

The Libby trial has gone to the jury and they completed their first day of deliberations yesterday, “after the presiding judge urged jurors to rely on their “life experiences” in deciding whether the vice president’s former chief of staff lied to investigators — or made an honest mistake — about his role in a CIA […]

Was Team Clinton Waiting for an Opening to Attack Obama?

The Clinton – Obama firestorm that erupted yesterday over Maureen Dowd’s column that included some candid comments from Hollywood mogul David Geffen about the Clintons, doesn’t appear to be over yet. It’s really a sorry mess, as I noted here yesterday and very disturbing to see the attacks starting so early in the primary season. […]