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Rove v. Murtha

As John Murtha tries to set limits in Iraq, Karl Rove will be unleashing his rabid attack dogs to swift-boat the former Marine. Rove’s method is political assassination: Don’t debate issues, destroy opponents. Murtha is only the latest on his hit list. In 2004, John McCain, John Kerry and triple amputee Senator Max Cleland were […]

Kerry on Clean Coal Legislation and Fast-tracking Construction of Plants in Texas

Senator John Kerry issued a statement today, in response to questions about his plan to introduce legislation that would prevent outdated coal-fired power plants from being built. “I am strongly opposed to the type of coal-fired plants that are proposed for fast-track construction in Texas and I would oppose the same effort in other states,” […]

Tom Daschle Endorses Obama

Tom Daschle endorsed Barack Obama today. Obama’s fundraiser in Hollywood last night has created quite a stir in the blogosphere and the news, thanks to a column by Maureen Dowd in the NY Times today. Former Clinton David Geffen offered a “few caustic comments” inciting the Clinton Camp to fire off an attack on Obama. […]

The Slinging Starts Early: Clinton and Obama Camps Squabble over Diss from Fundraiser

I’m a little distressed to see that the slinging between ’08 Democratic candidates has started already. It’s February 21, 2007 — do voters need to put up this already? Thank Maureen Dowd for fueling the firestorm that has erupted between Hillary and Obama. Her gossipy little column today about last night’s Hollywood fundraiser for Barack […]