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Hillary Talks Deadlines on Iraq

The antiwar faction of the Democratic party is festering over Hillary’s unwillingness to apologize for her Iraq vote. The NY Times reports that “several advisers, friends and donors said in interviews that they had urged her to call her vote a mistake in order to appease antiwar Democrats, who play a critical role in the […]

Gary Hart: Iraq and Homeland Security

Gary Hart speaks the truth to power about Bush’s gross “dereliction in security” of our nation: …the National Guard units in Iraq are not in the United States standing post over our nation’s security at home. They are not being trained and equipped for this vital mission. If we are in fact at war with […]

Breaking: Senate Gridlocks on Iraq

By a 56 – 34 vote, the Senate has gridlocked on the Iraq debate on Bush’s ‘surge” plan. That was four short of the 60 needed to advance the measure, which is identical to a nonbinding resolution that Democrats pushed through the House on Friday. “The Senate, on behalf of the American people, must make […]

The Senate’s Saturday Iraq Debate

It’s Saturday and the Senate is in session with the Democratic leadership pushing for a vote on Iraq, following the 246-182 vote in the House yesterday on a “measure stating opposition to Bush’s decision to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq.” Republicans say they have “the strength to sidetrack the measure.” But some Democratic members […]