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House Passes Iraq Resolution With 17 Votes From G.O.P., Kerry Says “We Owe Our Brave Men and Women an Honest Debate”

As the House was winding down “four days of emotional debate over the extent of presidential powers in wartime and the proper role of Congress,” Senator John Kerry spoke from the Senate floor today on the need for a debate on the way forward in Iraq and a “yes or no” vote on whether Congress […]

Bush Is Worst President of All-Time

Is Bush the worst president of all time? Some of us have thought that for a long time now. But, Al Neuharth, the former Gannett chief and USA Today founder didn’t think that one year ago. Today he’s had a change of heart, it seems. A year ago, Neuharth stated that “while he was often […]

Senate, House Members Join Forces to Introduce Environmental Justice Act

John Freeland post below noting that Kerry appears to be the “hardest working man in Washington,” might well be an understatement. Not that we don’t see some important stuff coming from other Democratic members of Congress of late, but Kerry certainly does seem to be leading the pack ont he important issues, like Iraq and […]

Sen. Kerry and Rep. Inslee Join Conservation Groups in Lawsuit Against the Bush Administration

Has John Kerry been inspired by James Brown? The Senator is hammering on so many issues right now, he may be the hardest working man in Washington. Here is an exerpt from the Environmental News Network and the Center for Biological Diversity about the amicus brief supporting a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for being […]

Brooks Flip Flops on Nuance

Anonymous Liberal had a great post yesterday about David Brooks NY Times column that defended Hillary Clinton on her Iraq War vote. The irony of Brooks’ column is that he flip flopped on the use of nuance. Where yesterday he lauded Clinton for her use of nuance, Anonymous Liberal points out that in March 2004, […]

Kerry to Propose Bill to Halt Texas Coal Power Plant Construction

AP News reports today that January weather was the hottest by far. We need to take these Global Warming signals seriously and break the cycle of utilizing power plants that emit too much green house gas. Speaking at the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment summit hosted by the Senate, John Kerry said on […]