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Iraq Debate Heats Up – John Kerry Calls on Bush Administration to Properly Equip Troops (Transcript & Video)

The Iraq debate in Congress is heating up and it appears that Harry Reid will have the Senate working on the weekend, this weekend as he has called for “rare Saturday vote to begin debate on the House resolution,” that will be put to a vote on Friday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) yesterday linked […]

John Kerry Addresses Global Climate Change Conference

Earlier this morning I wrote about Al Gore’s next gig — concert promoter. Gore announced plans today for a “24-hour global concert for July 7 with more than 100 leading musical acts to promote action on climate change.” With the release of the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change a couple of weeks […]

Four More Years… of Olbermann!

Keith Olbermann fans will be happy to know that Olbermann has been locked into four more years with NBC. That’s four more years I know I can handle… “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann and NBC News agreed to an extension of his contract through 2011. “It (Countdown) is obviously an incredibly important franchise for us,” NBC […]

Blogtogenarian: Ex-magazine Editor Posts his Thoughts on the Web (and on The Dem Daily)

More bloggers in the news… but, this story has a different twist. A few weeks ago, a blogger sent me a couple of pieces he had written which sparked my interest. I browsed around on his blog and then invited him to cross post here on The Democratic Daily. Robert Stein, our new contributing writer […]

Kerry and Dorgan Tackle Iraq Contracting Fraud

The Boston Herald reports that “With millions already wasted in the Iraq reconstruction effort, Sen. John F. Kerry will push today for federal legislation to punish war profiteers, root out cronyism in post-war contract awards and give new protections to whistleblowers.” John Kerry is co-sponsoring the new legislation aimed at preventing contracting waste, fraud and […]

Kerry to Coast Guard – Scrap Lockheed – Northrop Deal

Yesterday, John Kerry called on the U.S. Coast Guard “to scrap a $1 billion-a-year fleet overhaul contract with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman and reopen it to competition.” The Deepwater Project is supposed to update the Coast Guard’s existing fleet of ships and aircraft that are designed to “keep our country safe and is an […]

Gore’s Next Gig

I know there’s a lot of people hoping that Al Gore will run in ’08, and a lot of speculation circulating as well, but I don’t know he seems to have taken to his role promoting Global Warming with some ease and it looks like Al is having quite a bit of fun… In fact, […]