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The State of Our Media: Young Woman Meets Tragic End — No, It’s Not Anna Nicole

Here’s a perfect example of the state of our media, a young woman died in Iraq and the media focuses on the death of Anna Nicole Smith. There is something so terribly wrong with this picture. A young woman met a sudden and tragic end, it was reported on Thursday, leaving her family and people […]

Vilsack Revisited

At this stage of the 1976 and 1992 elections, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were little-known governors of small states with infinitesimal rankings in the Presidential polls. That’s the slim reed to which Tom Vilsack’s 2008 hopes are lashed as the just-retired governor of Iowa makes his way, in media dimness, toward next year’s primaries. […]

Kerry’s Plan Forward for Iraq

John Kerry was interviewed on WBUR in Boston on Thursday. The interview covered Kerry’s plan forward for Iraq: Listen here. Kerry reiterated what he has been saying for some time now, there is “no military solution to end the Iraq War.” Kerry is urging for the withdrawal of US troops — sing on to be […]