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Clinton Campaign Reaches Out for Thoughts on Breaking the Oil Addiction

The Clinton campaign sent out an email today asking people to share their thoughts on breaking the oil addiction. This is an issue that all the candidates will need to be talking about. On May 23, 2006 Hillary gave a speech at the National Press Club on Energy Policy. You can read the speech here […]

John Kerry Stands With Iraqi War Vets Against Bush Escalation

John Kerry joined veterans of the Iraq war today in a press conference calling on the Bush Administration to reconsider the “ill-conceived” escalation of the war in Iraq. At the press conference, Democratic Senators and members of VoteVets.org demanded that Congressional Republicans who have stalled the debate, agree to a full debate on the president’s […]

The Edwards’ Blogger Firestorm

A few days ago the Edwards campaign announced they had hired liberal bloggers Amanda Marcotte (Pandagon) and Melissa McEwan (Shakespeare’s Sister). No sooner did the news break, when wingnut bloggers started a firestorm over opinions expressed on their blogs. In particular, Marcotte’s Pandagon blog. Now the firestorm has hit the mainstream media with the news […]

Used-War Salesman

Cross posted from Connecting.the.Dots: After all those high-tech commercials on the Super Bowl, the U.S. Senate this week is looking like an old-fashioned car lot with politicians lobbing buzz words at us–bipartisan, non-binding, compromise, deadlock, procedural, debate—-in their usual bait-and-switch games. McCain, Lieberman and McConnell et al are still trying to palm off Bush’s repainted […]