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Is Hillary Unbeatable?

Is Hillary Clinton unbeatable in ’08? That’s what some would like us to believe: GOP Views Clinton As Virtually Unbeatable. In GOP circles, the Democratic front-runner is seen as so strong, and the political climate for Republicans so hostile, that many influential voices — including current and former lawmakers, and veterans of President Bush’s campaigns […]

John Edwards Has A Health Care Plan

On Monday, John Edwards laid out his universal health care plan that “would require everyone in the country to have health insurance by 2012, through private sources or one of several government-managed programs that he says should be expanded.” Edwards plan or lack there of a plan has been dissected and applauded in the blogosphere, […]

Senate Democrats to Join Veterans in Demanding Debate on Iraq Escalation

If Republicans in the Senate think they can pull a vote to stop the debate on the Iraq War, they could be mistaken. Robert Gates may be busy selling Bush’s Iraq plan to the Senate Armed Forces Committee but not all Dems in the Senate are willing to sit by idly… On Wednesday, February 7, […]

Dick Cavett Slams Bush: ‘It’s Only Language’

Dick Cavett is blogging at the NY Times and in what appears to be his first piece, he slammed Bush and the Bush Administration for their faulty use of the English language. I’ve always enjoyed Cavett’s wit… I LMAO reading this: In these days of just about enough perils facing our nation, there is plenty […]

John Kerry Slams Inaction in Washington: “Our Troops Are Doing Their Jobs, Now Congress Needs To Do Its Job”

The day after the vote in the Senate halting the debate on the Iraq War “surge,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee and dangled “the prospect that the United States might be able to start withdrawing some of its forces from Iraq by the end of this year if a […]

Kerry Calls On Senate to Set One Year Deadline for US Troops to Leave Iraq

Yesterday, Republicans blocked the Senate debate on the bipartisan resolution that opposed Bush’s troop “surge” in Iraq. It was a procedural vote, that was divided closely along party lines, and it “left the Democratic leadership 11 votes short of the 60 needed to begin debate on the bipartisan resolution.” Harry Reid told Republicans on the […]

Bush’s Budget Throws Health Care (and Other Priorities ) Out The Window

The new Bush budget is reported to be throwing health care, education, housing and other domestic programs out the window while “increasing funding for the Iraq war and permanently expanding the military.” The new Bush budget would also seek to reduce the rapid rate of growth in Medicare and Medicaid, trimming $101 billion from the […]