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“Deeply Troubling” – Kerry Calls for Investigation of Firefighter Unit

An MSNBC.com investigation was a call to action today for John Kerry, as he called for an investigation with “hours of the story‚Äôs publication.” The MSNBC investigation and story is, “based on federal investigative reports, documents made public under the Freedom of Information Act and extensive interviews, revealed that 15 firefighters have died since 1998 […]

Republican Senators Say F-U to the American Public

Republican Senators just issued a big F-U to the American public on the Senate floor. Screw the fact that the majority of the American public are against the Iraq War at this point, Republican members of the Senate went ahead and just “blocked a full-fledged Senate debate over Iraq,” with a 49-47 vote — “11 […]

Nader Again

Ralph Nader told CNN’s Late Edition yesterday that he was “leaving the door open for ’08.” Please — please… We need to collectively slam it in his face. Nader used his platform in Late Edition to slam Hillary Clinton, calling her a “a panderer and a flatterer.” Well, I’ve got news for Ralph Nader, take […]

Ballot Box or Cash Box?

The ’08 presidential election is already shaping up to be the costliest in history and Hillary Clinton jumped out of the gate with her sights set at fundraising for the primaries and the general election, thus setting the bar for all contenders. So when voters cast their ballots at the first in the nation primary, […]