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Kerry Praises Senate Minimum Wage Vote

The vote on raising the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years moved a step closer to in the Senate on Tuesday as Senate Democrats cleared a key hurdle in the path, compliments of the GOP members of the Senate. Democrats had to agree to “business tax breaks that House Democrats want removed,” […]

Senate Judicary Committee Takes on Bush’s War: ‘He Is Not the Sole Decider’

Senate Democrats today, asserted the right to block Bush on the Iraq War in a Subcommittee Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Senator Russ Feingold. The hearing started laying the constitutional groundwork “for an effort to block President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq and place new limits on the conduct […]

Soldier’s Death Strengthens Kerry and Dodd’s Resolve to End Iraq War

When John Kerry spoke on the Senate Floor last week about his plans to offer a resolution to set a deadline to “limit this war and bring our participation to a conclusion,” and his decision not to run for president again, he spoke of a chance encounter in Baghdad that he and Senator Dodd had […]

How To Run For President

Politico has the scoop on how to set up an exploratory committee and run for president. Who would have thought, it’s relatively easy and there really is “technically no such thing as an ‘exploratory committee.’” It’s not a creation of the commission or of a statute, but of campaigns and the media, when someone is […]