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King George’s New Gatekeepers

King George has some new gatekeepers. They’re not gatekeepers to the White House, no that would not be newsworthy at all. King George, has, the NY Times reports, “signed a directive that gives the White House much greater control over the rules and policy statements that the government develops to protect public health, safety, the […]

Self-Selected, Unelected, Disconnected VP

Cross posted from Connecting.the.Dots: Does Cheney, a New York Times editorial asks, “simply feel free to cut the ground out from under Mr. Bush?” Why not? In 2000, after heading the search for a running mate, Cheney looked in the mirror and picked himself. They lost the popular vote (and who knows about Florida?), but […]

Kerry, Kennedy, and Frank to Introduce Resolution with Mass. Delegation Honoring Father Drinan

As I reported here last night Rev. Robert Drinan passed away yesterday at 86. Drinan, born in Boston, a former Dean at Boston College Law School, “left Boston College’s administration to become the first Roman Catholic priest elected to Congress and who in 1973 filed the initial impeachment resolution against President Richard M. Nixon.” Drinan’s […]

Fix The System with Medicare for All

Take heed ’08 Democratic candidates, “Insurance is not the same thing as health care — not by a long shot.” It’s time to get out of the insurance business: Fix the system with Medicare for all. We need to change the system completely and get the insurance industry, as well as employers, out of it. […]