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Thousands Protest Bush Policy on Iraq War

Anti-war protesters came out by the tens of thousands Saturday to protest Bush’s failed Iraq War policies and demand “that the United States end its war in Iraq.” The crowds were a meld of older activists of the past and the young who had come together with a purpose, “to push the new Congress to […]

’08 Watch: Will Clark Jump In?

There’s speculation that Wes Clark will make an announcement on his ’08 intentions within the next 2 weeks. Hotline On Call reports: Over the Christmas holidays, Ret. Gen. Wes Clark told a close friend that, without a doubt, he would establish a presidential exploratory committee after the first of the year. And now? A Clark […]

Kerry Rips Bush Administration in Davos

John Kerry is in Davos this weekend for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting where he wasted no time stepping up to speak the truth to power. Liberated now from the constraints of running for president in ’08, Kerry ripped the Bush Administration as he spoke at the WEF session, ‘The Future of the Middle […]

Reporting for Duty: “Smooth Sailing Ahead”

Dear Friends I have not met any of you, yet I respectfully call you my friends because we have shared a common bond over the past few years: appreciation for the tireless and honorable efforts and presidential aspirations of Senator John Kerry. Presently, we share another common bond: the loss of our dream of seeing […]