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Mr. President Here’s Your Alternative Plan for Iraq

George W. Bush consulted with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Lt. Gen. David H. Petraeus today at an “early-morning meeting at the White House.” Speaking with reporters afterward, the president complained that lawmakers “are condemning a plan before it’s even had a chance to work. And they have an obligation and a serious responsibility, […]

Kerry Talks About His Decision to Focus on Iraq

John Kerry talked to the Boston Globe in an interview about his “‘deep second-thoughts’ before deciding to forgo a second run for president.” As someone who wholeheartedly supported a second run by Kerry, I’ve spent the past couple of days mulling that decision myself, and coming to terms with the fact that, in my opinion […]

“Campaign For Our Country”

Just posted over at JK-com is a thank-you from the Senator to all those who made comments to his announcement Wednesday. In this thank-you he has asked for people who wanted a John Kerry campaign for the presidency to shift gears and give the same effort for a “campaign for our country”. I think it […]

The ‘Decider’ is the “Decision-maker’

“I’m the Decider,” Bush told us months ago. Me. Me. Me. No one else gets to have a say – in anything. That’s the bottom line of the Bush administration. Always has been – always will be and incase you forgot, he reminded us again today. President Bush, on a collision course with Congress over […]