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McCain Calls For Benchmarks

John McCain flipflopped on Thursday and called for benchmarks for Iraq which prompted Joe Biden to remind McCain that when“Democrats pushed for benchmarks a year and a half ago, Republicans accused them of “cutting and running.”” McCain who is now for the “surge” served with a side of benchmarks said, “said his plan might ease […]

Kerry On: Set A Deadline to End the War in Iraq

The news that John Kerry has decided not to run in ’08 for president has been a shock and a source of sadness to many of our readers. Kerry partisan’s that we all have been, the Dem Daily has been a haven for Kerry supporters as well as a respected source for Kerry news in […]

John Kerry Speaks From the Heart on the Senate Floor About Iraq and His Decision Not to Run in ’08 (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

Yesterday, John Kerry spoke from the Senate floor on his plan for Iraq and his decision not to run for president in ’08. Senate Democrats are seeking support from the Republicans members of the Senate on the resolution passed in the SFRC yesterday that “dismissed Bush’s plans to increase troops in Iraq as “not in […]