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Kerry Says Bush Address Ignores America’s Priorities

Our embattled leader, George W. Bush challenged members of Congress tonight to ““show our enemies abroad that we are united in the goal of victory” and warned that the consequences of failure in Iraq “would be grievous and far-reaching.”” “I respect you and the arguments you have made,” Bush told skeptical lawmakers from both parties […]

‘Smoking Gun’ Report – Global Warming Is Here

Bush is about to go before the Congress and deliever his SOTU address. Word is that he will “propose reducing gasoline consumption in the United States by 20 percent over the next 10 years through a dramatic expansion of ethanol use and tougher fuel economy standards.” It sounds like a re-run of last year’s “addicted […]

A Case for Kerry ’08

There was a surprise from the Boston Herald today by way of a column making the case for Kerry ’08. Herald Columnist Virginia Buckingham makes some very good points about why Kerry should run again, while unfortunately repeating some tired right wing talking points about Obama. That aside, Buckingham notes that Kerry “owns the issues,” […]

Ouch… Ed Schultz Takes Hillary to Task

Progressive talk show host Ed Schultz took Hillary to task yesterday for the way her handlers have treated the Ed Schultz in trying to arrange for Clinton to be on his show. Raw Story reported on the Ed’s rant today, noting that “Fargo’s liberal talker Ed Schultz broke out enraged against the staff of Sen. […]

Kerry Praises Unanimous House Approval of “Cunningham Bill”

John Kerry praised the unanimous passage of the Congressional Pension Accountability Act, or “The Duke Cunningham Act” in the House today, that ensures that “lawmakers convicted of crimes such as bribery, fraud and perjury will be stripped of their congressional pensions.” The 431-0 House vote comes just four days after former Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, […]

Hillary’s Bid for ’08 Signals Demise of Public Financing

On Saturday a few hours after Hillary Clinton made her “I’m in to win” announcement, I noted here on The Democratic Daily that it appeared Hillary was “fundraising already for both the primary and the general election.” My post noted a piece on National Journal’s Hotline On Call, who first picked up on it the […]

SOTU Day and A Trip Down Memory Lane with Past Themes of Bush’s SOTU Addresses

Bloomberg reported yesterday that “Bush’s approval ratings are now the lowest for any president the day before a State of the Union speech since Richard Nixon in 1974, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.” The poll rating, matches rating matches Bush’s all time “career low in a May 2006 poll.” What’s different today is […]