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More Opposition to the “Surge”

The heat on Bush over the “surge” plan for Iraq stepped up a notch today as three more Senators declared their opposition to the plan with yet another resolution against it. This comes on the eve of Bush’s SOTU address on Tuesday and in the wake of Bush’s lowest point in the polls yet. Sen. […]

A New Low for Bush

State Of The Union address eve polls look might bleak for Bush. A new CBS poll shows that Bush’s “overall approval rating has fallen to just 28 percent, a new low, while more than twice as many (64 percent) disapprove of the way he’s handling his job.” Two-thirds of Americans remain opposed to the president’s […]

Clinton’s Team Leading With Pot Shots

The declared ’08 presidential campaigns are barely out of the gate and already the pot shots have started from Hillary Clinton’s team: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s pollster fired an opening salvo at Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards yesterday, claiming their campaigns are “stalled or falling” — and suggesting Obama isn’t tough enough to withstand […]

Food For Thought: Anyone but a Bush or a Clinton

In 2008 it really is time for a change. And change, some think means putting an end to the “era of Bushes and Clintons.” In a look at the possibility of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency, James Burkee, an assistant professor of history at Concordia University Wisconsin notes, if Hillary “secures the Democratic nomination, wins […]

Perfect Time for Reflection – No. 2

The NY Times reports today that a “rush of entries” in the ’08 presidential race gives the race “early intensity.” But some of us are still holding out for another entry in the race — John Kerry. The fact is there are Kerry supporters who are ready, willing and able to stand by Kerry when […]

Confidence in Bush at All Time Low

As Bush prepares to deliver his State Of The Union speech tomorrow, he finds himself at “the weakest point of his presidency.” A new Washington Post-ABC news poll shows that Bush is “facing deep public dissatisfaction over his Iraq war policies and eroding confidence in his leadership.” With a major confrontation between Congress and the […]