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Ted Kennedy Offers Wise Advice: “Don’t Write Off Kerry, Romney”

Ted Kennedy was on Meet The Press on Sunday and he offered some wise advice on the ’08 presidential election, while repeating “his promise to support Kerry if he runs”… Don’t Write Off Kerry, Romney Kennedy shrugged off polls showing Senator John Kerry in the single digits — badly trailing likely candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton […]

Bill Richardson Jumps In ’08 Race

There were murmurings in the news yesterday that Bill Richardson was preparing to make his annoucement to join the ever expanding field for the Democratic nominee. The murmurings were overshadowed by the Hillary hype of the day. Richardson made his announcement today and followed that announcement with an exclusive interview on ABC’s “This Week,” with […]

Moyers in Memphis

One of the few “perks” of the consulting business is you get to listen to the radio while driving to meetings with clients. Last Monday, Martin Luther King Day, I caught most of a Bill Moyers speech broadcast on Democracy NOW! carried by WDET in Detroit. The speech was originally given as the opening plenery […]