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SOTU Preview: We Should Be So Lucky

As Bush prepares for his State of the Union address on Tuesday which may give his “a second chance to defend his new Iraq strategy to a nation soured on the war and a Congress poised to vote against the plan,” we can all dream about what we’d like to hear him say… We should […]

Is Hillary Fundraising for the Primary and the General?

Hillary Clinton announced this morning that she was forming an exploratory committee for her bid for the Democratic nomination in ’08, setting “off rounds of e-mail and conference calls among both her allies and opponents, some of whom were shaking their heads that a major political event was happening at 9:30 on a Saturday morning.” […]

“Surge” Is A Bust With Americans

The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows that Bush’s plan for a “surge” is a bust with Americans and because of his plan, his “approval rating remains at its all-time low.” We’re not surprised… When President George W. Bush declared earlier this month that the only way to quell sectarian violence in Iraq was to send more […]

Hillary’s In, But Can She Win?

And, so it’s official… Hillary Clinton is in. This morning she announced via her website and by email, that “she will establish a presidential exploratory committee, launching a 2008 campaign that could make her the first female president in history and the only former first lady to succeed her husband in the White House.” Hillary […]