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McCain is Tanking in NH

The American Research Group, New Hampshire’s leading polling company shows in their latest New Hampshire poll that “John McCain is tanking.” ARG president Dick Bennett, says, “That’s the big thing [we’re finding]. In New Hampshire a year ago he got 49 percent among independent voters. That number’s way down, to 29 percent now.” And Bennett […]

Kennedy Questions Gonzales on Congress’ Authority to Stop the Escalation of Iraq War

Today when Attorney General Gonzales appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Edward M. Kennedy questioned him about Congress’ authority in the escalation of the war in Iraq. Gonzales was on the hot seat with the Judiciary Committee for the Bush Administration’s domestic spying program and Kennedy turned the subject to Iraq. Kennedy stated that […]

The ’08 Games Begin

Hillary Clinton stepped up yesterday and called Bush’s plan to send more troops to Iraq “a losing strategy.” She also “proposed placing new limits on the White House’s conduct of the war.” Soon after Hillary laid her cards on the table, shifting her position on Iraq and attepting to “bolster her credentials as a critic […]

John Kerry Calls for Probe of Pentagon Sales of Arms to Iran

John Kerry called for an investigation today into the security weaknesses in the Pentagon’s surplus sales that have allowed buyers from Iran and China to acquire aircraft parts and other arms. Kerry, AP News reports is seeking an inquiry by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the wake of the AP News story that I […]

Opposition to Bush’s Escalation Deepens, Americans Demand Congress Act

Bush’s media push has failed to rally support from the American public for his plans to escalate the Iraq war and send more soldiers to Iraq. In fact, “most Americans say they want Congress to find a way to stop the troop increase.” A new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll shows the public opposes Bush’s decision […]

Columnist Art Buchwald Dies at 81

Humor columnist Art Buchwald passed away last night, he was 81. During his long career, Buchwald’s column was at one point syndicated to over 550 newspapers, he won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1982 and he published over 30 books. After being diagnosed with kidney failure, Bushwald continued to write his column through 2006, […]

The Big Chill: Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 17 years this month and over the years we’ve had some cold snaps in the winter, but none quite like this. The forecast for Wednesday in Los Angeles predicted some showers and what some areas got was, snow showers. Residents in West Los Angeles said the snow accumulated in […]