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Grumbling in the Ranks

The vocal opposition to Bush’s “surge” strategy to send more than “20,000 additional troops to help secure Iraq has grown to include some of the troops themselves.” Some are speaking out and they are not happy… A group of more than 50 active-duty military officers will deliver a petition to Congress on Tuesday signed by […]

Twisted: Iran Gets Army Gear in Pentagon Sale

In recent days I have posted on the news the increased push from BushCo against Iran. Well, here’s some new and twisted news on the Iran front — “The U.S. military has sold forbidden equipment at least a half-dozen times to middlemen for countries – including Iran and China.” Can the Bush administratuion not even […]

’08 Watch: Obama Is In

Barack Obama took the first step today in preparation to run for president in ’08, by filing papers creating a presidential exploratory committee. Obama, a 45-year-old with little more than two years into his Senate term, is the most inexperienced candidate considering a run for the Democratic nomination. He quickly rose to national prominence, beginning […]

Perfect Time for Reflection: “A John Kerry in the Limelight Moment” – No. 1

As “The Democratic Daily” members await John Kerry’s announcement regarding a possible 2008 presidential run and dually graple with Bush’s push on his “surge” plan, it seems like a perfect time for reflection upon a John Kerry in the limelight moment, if only to get our juices flowing, and our “Run, John, Run” voices heard […]

No Bounce for the “Surge”: Americans ‘More Pessimistic’ After Bush’s Iraq Speech

It appears there’s been no bounce for the “surge” after Bush’s address to the nation last week. On the contrary, a USA Today Poll finds that Americans are “more pessimistic.” Why am I not surprised? Even his 60 Minutes performance didn’t help. “President Bush’s address to the nation last week outlining a ‘new way forward’ […]