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Ted Kennedy Responds to Dick Cheney’s Comments on Fox News

On FOX News today, Dick Cheney asserted that Congress doesn’t have authority to change the strategy in Iraq by saying that “you can’t run a war by committee.” Cheney was clearly in denial today on FOX, as E&P reports: Appearing on Fox News this morning, VicePresident Dick Cheney said that attempts to stem President Bush’s […]

John Kerry On CNN’s “Late Edition”: “Others Say We Don’t Have a Plan, That’s Just Not True… We Do Have a Plan”

The opposition to Bush’s “surge” plan is growing daily, however, the WaPo reports that “the White House is banking on the assumption that it can execute its “new way forward” in Iraq before Congress can derail it.” Good luck… now that we’re in the “best-we-can-hope-for” phase of the Iraq war, we all get that BushCo […]

Is EXXON Going Green?

It’s been reported recently in the news that Big Oil Giant EXXON is cutting their ties to Global Warming skeptics. A spokesman for Exxon, Mark Boudreaux, said EXXON’s “position on climate change has been “widely misunderstood and as a result of that, we have been clarifying and talking more about what our position is.”” Reuters […]

A Pity Party for Condi

Poor Condi. Did you hear the news? Barbara Boxer went and rattled the wingnuts’ cages the other day in an exchange with Condi during a Senate committee hearing and the wingnuts came racing to her defense. My how utterly chivalrous of them to defend poor Condi in her time of need. …White House spokesman, Tony […]