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Late Night: Polls & Olbermann on The Surge

The post “surge” speech polling is out and it’s clear “Americans overwhelmingly oppose sending more U.S. forces to Iraq.” The results will no doubt have little effect on Bush, who could give a rat’s you know what, about what American’s think, but the results send a significant signal to Congress that the will of the […]

Kerry Grills Condi on the “Escalation”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee had Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the hot seat today demanding “specific answers” on how Bush’s “new plan will lead to victory in Iraq.” The plan is drawing “fierce opposition” in the Senate from “congressional Democrats and some Republicans — including Sen. Chuck Hagel, who called Bush’s plan, “the […]

Next Stop Iran? Bush Administration Takes Escalation to New Heights

Bush had barely finished speaking to the nation last night and pledging “to crack down on the Islamic Republic’s role in Iraqi violence,” when U.S. troops took that pledge an extra step and “raided an Iranian consulate in northern Iraq late Wednesday night.” Talk about taking Bush’s escalation to new heights. There will be no […]

Kerry Leads the PAC’s in Fundraising in ’06 Election Cycle

John Kerry’s leadership PAC Keeping America’s Promise reported today, that Kerry “gave the most money to 2006 candidates and committees than any other PAC in the country” “Kerry far outspent other national Democrats to make a Democratic Congress a reality in 2006, giving more than double the amount of money than the number 2 PAC […]

John Kerry on “Fox News Live” (VIDEO)

The N.Y. Times reported this morning that by “stepping up the American military presence in Iraq, President Bush is not only inviting an epic clash with the Democrats who run Capitol Hill,” but he’s also “ignoring the results of the November elections, rejecting the central thrust of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group and flouting the […]

The Real Disaster… Bush’s War

The real disaster in Iraq started some time ago. When Bush started his war in Iraq. Now, after years of failing policy on Iraq, Bush claims he has a new and better policy that will fix Iraq, but the problem is that plan is simply more of the same. Even those who “have argued that […]

Senator Hagel : “Worst policy decision since Vietnam”

I was hopeful that not only Democrats would heavily question Secretary Rice today but also some from the other side of the aisle, specifically the outspoken Senator from Nebraska……. REPUBLICAN Senator Chuck Hagel went on the offfensive often AND early. Quote: “I think this speech given last night by this president represents the most dangerous […]

John Kerry on Fox News Live at 9:00 am

John Kerry will be on Fox News Live Thursday morning with John Scott at 9am, rebutting the President’s speech on escalating the war in Iraq. Tune in… In related news, the Daily Telegraph reports: Britain will cut troop levels in Iraq by almost 3,000 at the end of May, the Daily Telegraph reported Thursday, citing […]