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Father of Slain Massachusetts Soldier Backs Kennedy Criticism of Iraq War

Yesterday when Ted Kennedy took to the podium at the National Press Club to blast Bush’s plan to escalate the Iraq war, he was joined by Brian T. Hart, whose son, Private First Class John D. Hart was killed in Iraq while riding in an unarmored Humvee. Hart first met Kennedy at his son’s burial […]

John Kerry Responds to Bush Address on Iraq: Bush plan “Is Neither New nor Forward Looking”

John Kerry responded to Bush’s address to the nation tonight in interviews on NPR and ABC Radio. Kerry noted on NPR that Congress must act to stop Bush’s escalation of the war. Bush “gave no indication” tonight in his speech “that the troop increase would be short-lived.” Kerry said that he strongly opposes Bush’s plan […]

Ted Kennedy Responds to Bush’s Address: The President Owes it to American People to Seek Approval of New Mission from Congress

So, George W. Bush offered more of the same to the American public tonight in his speech on Iraq, it was “stay the course” message with a side of “surge.” Bush claimed it “is necessary to add new troops so that the beleaguered Iraqi government can regain control of the streets of Baghdad and revive […]

John Kerry to Deliver a Rebuttal to Bush’s Speech NPR & ABC Radio – UPDATED

John Kerry will be delivering a rebuttal to Bush’s speech on the following stations: NPR Radio and ABC Radio — in order. The President’s speech is expected to end between 9:20pm and 9:30pm. For your NPR station: www.npr.org/stations/ For your ABC Radio station: abcradio.go.com/channel?id=35 Tune in… UPDATE: Bush is on now… In a nutshell the […]

Little Public Confidence in Bush on Iraq

Bush is delivering his “surge” speech at this moment, ABC news reports the troop “surge” is already underway, and there’s a new poll out from Gallup that shows little support for the concept from the American public: Only about one in four Americans believe he has a clear plan for handling the situation in Iraq, […]

Kennedy Seeks Health Care for All by 2010

Health care for all. What a concept. One that is long overdue… Ted Kennedy, the Chairman of the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held a hearing today on the challenges and opportunities of expanding health care coverage to all citizens. Kennedy believes that “the federal government should join his home state of Massachusetts […]

John Kerry Introduces Wireless Innovation Act to Spur New Broadband Connections

Last night, John Kerry introduced the Wireless Innovation Act of 2007 which will make broadband available to unconnected communities by exploiting the unused frequencies in the broadcast spectrum known as “white spaces.” Kerry introduced the same bill in the 109th Congress, however it was not acted on by the full Senate. In the spirit of […]

C-SPAN ALERT: Kerry to Speak During Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Iraq

Senator John Kerry will be speaking during today’s Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Iraq. You can tune in and watch it online on CSpan 3 . Also of note, Kerry has co-sponsored Senator Kennedy’s Iraq Bill: S.233 Title: A bill to prohibit the use of funds for an escalation of United States military forces in […]