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Quote Of The Day

Ted Kennedy knocked Bush’s Iraq plan down before he even got off the ground with it on Wednesday night. This great quote from Kennedy’s speech bears repeating: The mission of our armed forces today in Iraq bears no resemblance whatever to the mission authorized by Congress. — Sen. Ted Kennedy, on his bill requiring congressional […]

Kennedy Endorses Kerry; Calls Romney ‘Multiple Choice’

Ted Kennedy is kicking some Republican ‘you know what’ today. First, Kennedy came out swinging with his speech on the ‘surge’ earlier today at the National Press Club, when he “launched a pre-emptive strike Tuesday against President Bush’s anticipated plans to send more troops to Iraq.” Kennedy, scheduled to speak on healthcare at the National […]

Be The Media: “Just the Facts, Ma’am. Just the Facts.”

“Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.” This catchy phrase of Sgt. Joe Friday (Jack Webb) of the famous “Dragnet” television series in the fifties, sixties and seventies, has been popping into my head these days as I send e-mails to journalists around the country, who seem to profess their articles slamming John Kerry speak […]

Ted Kennedy: Escalation Is Not The Answer – “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam” (TRANSCRIPT & VIDEO)

Senator Ted Kennedy launched a “pre-emptive strike” against Bush’s ‘surge’ plan in a scathing speech today at The National Press Club. I had mentioned here a couple of days ago that Kennedy was scheduled to call “for Congressional action to stop the escalation of the Iraq war in a speech at the National Press Club.” […]

Rev. Al Considers Another Run for President

During the ’04 presidential primaries I always enjoyed Rev. Al Sharpton’s fiery rhetoric, wit and humor during the debates. It appears we may be seeing the Rev. Al in the debates again in the ’08 race… Civil rights activist Al Sharpton said Monday he is seriously considering a run for president. “I don’t hear any […]

Kerry, Salazar Introduce Legislation to Deny Pensions to Lawbreaking Lawmakers

Remember the claims that Bush had never met Jack Abramoff? Well, that’s another bit of Republican mis-information that has been debunked finally: The Abramoff scandal was just part of the firestorm that brought the culture of corruption in Washington to light last year. Who can forget the Dukester’s part in the firestorm? John Kerry and […]

The Corner Misleads With Snarky Headline on John Kerry Yahoo Photo

National Review’s The Corner has a snarky little caption today on a post about a photo of John Kerry under the Sen. Barack Obama slideshow on Yahoo Photos. Although the text from AP News describing the photo in the screenshot below clearly identifies the Senator in the photo as John Kerry, Kathryn Jean Lopez of […]

Health Coverage for All in California

I didn’t vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but his proposal announced yesterday for health coverage for all in California is one that I can applaud. The WaPo reports on Arnold’s proposal today noting that “nearly one in five California residents does not have health insurance — a total of 6.5 million people, many of whom seek […]