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Poll: Most Say No to Iraq ‘Surge’

If Bush is looking for a mandate on his plan for a ‘surge’ in iraq, he’s got it. But the results sure as hell are not the ones he’s looking for. A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken between Friday and Sunday “shows a daunting sales job ahead for the White House,” with a whopping 61% […]

Wes Clark Calls for Diplomacy Instead of Surge

Wes Clark took a rather Kerryesque stance today in an OP/ED in the WaPo on the subject of the ‘surge.’ Clark said that “what the surge would do is put more American troops in harm’s way, further undercut the morale of U.S. forces and risk further alienating elements of the Iraqi populace,” and he said […]

Bush Will Announce New Iraq Plan Wednesday

AP news reports that Bush will “address the nation at 9 p.m. EST Wednesday about his new approach for the war in Iraq.” Bush is expected to announce an increase of up to 20,000 additional U.S. troops. Bush’s decisions, more than two months in the making, already are drawing criticism from new Democratic leaders in […]