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Governor Patrick Says He Will Support Kerry If He Seeks Presidency Again

With the news today that Joe Biden intends to “seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008,” came the news that Massachusetts’ new governor, Deval Patrick said today that “he would have to support Sen. John Kerry over Obama or Mrs. Clinton should the Massachusetts Democrat make a second run for the presidency.” Patrick was asked […]

A ‘Surge’ in Iraq? Really?

The WaPo has an editorial today on the ‘surge’ that notes Bush’s lack of support for the ‘surge.” Not that support matters one iota to Bush, he’s hell bent on doing it his way and we’ve seen time and time again that Bush’s ‘my way or the highway’ plans are always a flop. Bush is […]

’08 Watch: Biden to Run, Will Gore?

Senator Joe Biden made his intentions to run for the Democratic nomination in ’08 clear (once again) today on “Meet the Press.” I’m curious just how many times Biden has used the Sunday talk show format to press his case for running in ’08 over the past few months? It seems to me that every […]

All Hail the King? Not!

Welcome to “The Imperial Presidency 2.0.” The boy king has proved once again that he is oblivious… In 2006, the voters sent Mr. Bush a powerful message that it was time to rein in his imperial ambitions. But we have yet to see any sign that Mr. Bush understands that — or even realizes that […]

Global Warming Anyone? Unseasonable Weather Jolts Northeast – Avalance Hits Colorado

Global Warming anyone? AP reports that “eight of the 12 warmest years on record have happened since 1990, and the big culprit for the overall trend has been global warming, said David Robinson, the New Jersey state climatologist at Rutgers University.” In fact the weather has been so warm in the Northeast that some folks […]