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Democrats Take the Gavels and Control in Congress

Change. Change is good. Today we witnessed the historic changing of the control of power in Congress as the Democrats took back control of Congress and the all important gavels were firmly transferred from the former Republican leadership to the Democratic leadership. Adding to the historic transfer of power, back into the hands of the […]

Who’s Reading Your Mail? W, That’s Who

The latest ploy by the Bush administration in domestic spying came by way of one of those now famous Bush signing statements on December 20, when Bush signed a new postal reform bill into law. Bush then issued a “signing statement” that declared his right to open people’s mail under emergency conditions. That claim is […]

John Kerry: A Crucial Time for saving Lebanon’s Fragile Democracy

John Kerry has an OP/ED in today’s Boston Globe on the dire situation in Lebanon. Kerry points out that “We’ve lost 3,000 American lives and invested more than $300 billion in hopes of forcibly birthing democracy in Iraq — while largely ignoring Lebanon, where democratic institutions already have a foothold.” He’s right. How long will […]