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Negroponte to Shift from Top Spy to Deputy Secretary of State

A Bush administration official confirmed (off the record) on Wednesday night that National Intelligence Director John Negroponte “will resign his position overseeing the nation’s 16 spy agencies to become the deputy secretary of State.” A senior State Department official said the announcement could come as early as this week. The official, and other administration officials […]

Mitt Submits ’08 Paperwork

Mitt Romney has taken the next step in his bid for president in ’08. Today, before he even left the Massachusetts Statehouse for the last time, filed papers to create an exploratory committee. “After talking to my family, I have decided to take this initial step of forming an exploratory committee in order to raise […]

Surge the Peace Corps

Here was a bright moment in US history, President Kennedy greeting new Peace Corps volunteers on their way to Africa. I can’t remember the last time I heard, saw, or read anything recent about the Peace Corps – then I found this site run by PeaceCorpsWriters.org. It has loads of links to volunteers writing about […]

Bush: “we can’t play politics as usual”

Oh, the irony… George W. Bush in an OP/ED in today’s Opinion Journal has a message for the Democrats who are poised to take over Congress: “we can’t play politics as usual.” Where have you been Mr. Bush for the past 6 years? Playing politics — that’s where. And now, NOW, you want Democrats to […]

She’s Breaking the Marble Ceiling!

Nancy Pelosi is set to become the first female speaker of the House on January 4, but Stephen Ohlemacher reports in an AP News piece that the U.S. “isn’t exactly at the forefront when it comes to women in politics,” it’s only taken “more than 200 years for Congress to select a female speaker of […]