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Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on “Sacrifice”

Keith Olbermann was back tonight with a Special Comment on “Sacrifice,” notably, Bush’s use of the word to support the notion of a “surge” or “escalation” in Iraq. Olbermann’s commentary was based on a report from the BBC that “Bush will reveal troop surge plan in sacrifice-themed speech.” It was another awe inspiring “Special Comment” […]

Bush to Reveal Troop Boost in Speech Themed on “Sacrifice”

The BBC reported earlier today that Bush intends to reveal his new Iraq strategy within a few days. His speech, the BBC notes, will reveal Bush’s latest plan to send more US troops to Iraq (aka the “surge” or escalation”) to “focus on ways of bringing greater security, rather than training Iraqi forces.” The move […]

New Poll Shows Support for Democrats’ Goals

A new Associated Press-AOL News poll found that 2 of the Democrats’ top goals in Congress “β€” a higher minimum wage and federal funding of embryonic stem cell research β€” enjoy broad public support as the party takes control of Congress for the first time in a dozen years, ” and “an overwhelming majority also […]

Few Iraq Refugees Gain U.S. Sanctuary

Senator Ted Kennedy wrote in the WaPo a couple of days ago about the mounting problem of β€œthe hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children who have fled their homes and often their country to escape the violence of a nation increasingly at war with itself.” The Bush administration has seemingly turned […]

’08 Watch: Rudy Leaves Campaign Plans in Hotel

Not so swift, Rudy Guiliani is reported to have left a 140 page dossier containing printed text, handwriten notes and spreadsheets outlining his top-secret plans for his bid for the White House. The New York Daily News reports that Guiliani’s “remarkably detailed dossier sets out the budgets, schedules and fund-raising plans that will underpin the […]

3 Weeks of Scrutiny

Just as the president is ready to address the nation on Iraq, Joe Biden next week begins three weeks of hearings on the war. On the committee, Biden and Democrats Christopher Dodd (Conn.), John Kerry (Mass.), Russell Feingold (Wis.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) will compete for intensity in criticizing a troop surge. But on the […]