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Kerry Urges Dialogue With Iran, Syria

On Wednesday, John Kerry left the U.S. for a nine-day trip to the Middle East. Kerry’s trip includes a stop in Iraq, and a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. While in Egypt on Thursday, Kerry said that the Bush administration should talk to Syria and Iran. Kerry also told reporters in Cairo he believed […]

Question of the Day

Could this be the answer? We hope not.

Joint Chiefs Advise Change In War Strategy

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are advising a change of course in the main military mission in Iraq. In the midst of the White House review on Iraq policy, the Joint Chiefs are recommending that the mission be changed from “combating insurgents to supporting Iraqi troops and hunting terrorists.” President Bush and Vice President Cheney […]

Senator Tim Johnson in Critical Condition After Surgery

Senator Tim Johnson’s condition has been updated today after he underwent emergency surgery last night to “repair bleeding inside his brain and was “recovering without complication” this morning, according to the U.S. Capitol physician.” Johnson “was found to have had an intracerebral bleed caused by a congenital arteriovenous malformation,” Adm. John Eisold, attending physician of […]

U.S. Confidence at New Low on Iraq War

Can the confidence of American’s sink any lower when it comes to the Iraq war? And will BushCo listen if it does? As the White House searches for a way to move forward in Iraq after the midterm elections and the Iraq Study Group’s recent recommendations, the American public has grown increasingly pessimistic that the […]

FEC Smacks Swift Boat Vets

The Caucus reports on the poetic smackdown of the Swift Boat Veteran’s for Truth by the FEC on Wednesday. The SBVT were one of 3 prominent 527 groups that “reached financial settlements totaling $630,000″ with the FEC. What is most important about the settlements is that the FEC concluded that these groups are subject to […]

Bloggers For Kerry

John Kerry had an extra special group of supporters at his annual birthday fundraiser gathering in Boston on Monday night and the bloggers were treated to a special gathering before the event, as well. The Boston Herald reported on Wednesday that “Judging from the crowd at his 63rd birthday party, U.S. Sen. John Kerry may […]