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Experts Advise Bush to ‘Stay the Course’ or Something to That Effect

In the wake of the release of the Iraq Study Group report, Bush is now meeting with ‘experts’ so he can get a 2nd opinion. The bottomline of course, we all know if that Bush is ‘the decider’ and he won’t be following the advice of the ISG or anyone else for that matter. The […]

Happy Birthday Senator Kerry

Happy Birthday Senator Kerry from The Democratic Daily! Thank you for all you do and your service to our country.

Iraq By The Book and The Slogan

If you thought the cover of the book version of “The Iraq Study Group Report” was rather boring and could have used some spicing up, so did the WaPo. Although they note that the book is still selling like hotcakes, they “commissioned four book covers to help “TISGR” claw its way into the mass market […]

The Right Wing’s Ongoing and successful Strategy of “SELL and SMEAR”

James Boyce and Dave Johnson have a post on the HuffPo today that is a must read about the Right Wing’s ‘ongoing and successful strategy of “SELL and SMEAR.” Boyce and Johnson take a look at the “recent favorability polls” and ask why Obama, “a junior Senator, nationally a virtual unknown just two years ago, […]

Romney, McCain and Guiliani Woo Bush Pioneers and Rangers

Chris Cillizza reports in The Fix today on Romney, McCain and Guiliani wooing Bush Pioneers and Rangers. Cillizza has compiled a list of Bush donors who are committed to each, The Whale List: In our work on Sunday’s story, we collected many more names of Pioneers and Rangers who have committed to McCain, Romney and […]

The Last Soldier To Die for A Mistake

Greg Mitchell writes in Editor & Publisher, “The story of the last American to die in a previous mistake, Vietnam, may hold lessons for today.” In the aftermath of the November mid-term elections, following the release of the ISG report, coupled with the “latest surge in American fatalities in Iraq, a familiar phrase has resurfaced […]