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Top Air Force Lawyer Who Served White House Had Been Disbarred

Add another scandal to the scandal plagued Bush White House, the WaPo reports that a top Air Force lawyer who served the White and “in a senior position in Iraq turns out to have been practicing law for 23 years without a license.” Go figure… Col. Michael D. Murphy was most recently commander of the […]

Friedman: Set a Date – Buy Some Leverage

Thursday on the Imus In The Morning Show, Thomas Friedman was once again sounding a lot like John Kerry in calling for the Bush administration to set a date to get out of Iraq. Friedman followed up his statements on Imus with an OP/ED yesterday… The brutally honest Baker-Hamilton assessment of the Iraq morass implies […]

Former Detainees Argue for Right to Sue Rumsfeld Over Torture

As Donald Rumsfeld was bidding goodby yesterday to Pentagon employees, he said that “that his most difficult moment on the job was when he learned of the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison.” In an ironic twist, as Rumsfeld was on his way out yesterday, the N.Y. Times reports today that “Lawyers for former detainees […]

Credit Where Credit is Due

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette gave credit Friday where credit is due, to the junior Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry, for recommendations he’s made in the past that have been taken up by the Iraq Study Group. Richard Nangle writes in the Worcester Telegram, “Some of the recommendations from the Iraq Study Group sound especially […]