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Thomas Friedman Talks to Imus About Iraq: “Got to Set a Date Right Now”

Thomas Friedman echoed John Kerry back in early August when he called for Plan B in Iraq and said “we need to try a last-ditch Bosnia-like peace conference that would bring together all of Iraq’s factions and neighbors.” Friedman took it a step further today, echoing Kerry again, on the Imus show, saying “We are […]

Tony Blair on the Hill to Discuss Iraq Study Group Report

Tony Blair was on the Hill today to discuss the Iraq Study Group report with Bush. From the looks of the photos below, it seems that Blair and John Kerry were having a good laugh about something before a meeting with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Could it be that Tony Blair was acknowledging that […]

McCain Hires Campaign Manager

On the Republican side of the ’08 race, John McCain has hired GOP strategist Terry Nelson as his campaign manager. Nelson “produced the infamous, racially-charged “bimbo” ad attacking Dem Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford, Jr.” All the folks who have said in the past that McCain would put himself above swift boat style attacks might […]

John Kerry on The Stephanie Miller Show

John Kerry was on The Stephanie Miller Show this morning… Well, the Iraq Study Group Report came out yesterday, and it said nothing that hasn’t been said before, especially by Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) who just happened to call the Celebrity Hotline this morning! Incase you missed it — LISTEN HERE.

Bill Richardson Declares ‘I Am Running’ in 2008

Add another candidate to the list of potential Dems who have declared they are running for president in ’08. Today Bill Richardson told FOX News “‘I am running,’ as he described the professional and personal experiences that he believes have prepared him for the job.” “I’ve dealt with the issues that are very important today […]

Congress Passes Big Dig Investigation Bill

Congress passed a National Transportation Safety Board authorization bill today that contained an amendment from John Kerry requiring the Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General (DOT-IG) to oversee both the state and federal investigations into the Big Dig tunnel collapse. CBS4 in Boston reports that a press release from Kerry’s office said, the […]

John Kerry on “Scarborough Country”: “Additional Training is Not Going to Resolve the Problem of Iraq”

John Kerry was on “Scarborough Country” last night with Joe Scarborough discussing the Iraq Study Group report, that has been making headlines for the past 24 hours. An editorial in today’s N.Y. Times said that the Iraq Study Group report, contrary to what Bush claimed is providing political cover for Bush. The Iraq report is […]