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“The Realist Manifesto” is Selling Like Hotcakes

What perhaps should be known as “The Realist Manifesto,” appears to selling like hotcakes on Amazon.com. Politicians are not the only ones who want to read “The Iraq Study Group Report” — “Anne Messitte of Vintage Books said the study was already in a second printing, although she declined to give any exact numbers.” Within […]

Gates Confirmed by Senate

Robert Gates was confirmed by the Senate late today as the next Secretary of Defense, replacing embattled Donald Rumsfeld. The vote was 95-2, with two Republicans voting against Gates. Yes, Republicans… CNN reports that the two dissenting Senators, “Bunning and Santorum, however, were very critical of Gates.” “Mr. Gates has repeatedly criticized our efforts in […]

Kerry Media Blitz Continues

The John Kerry media blitz on the Iraq Study Group report, continues tonight and tomorrow… Tonight: John Kerry will be on Fox News during a Special Report at 6pm tonight and then on Scarborough Country (instead of Anderson Cooper), on MSNBC at 9pm EST. (sorry for the late alert, will post transcripts and video’s when […]

Senators Voice Concerns On FCC Media Ownership Issue

Look for the Democrats to push for fair media reform when the new session of Congress begins in January. FMQB reports today that “A letter has been sent to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin from nine members of the Senate Commerce Committee, asking that the Commission delay considering any changes to the media ownership rules until […]

John Kerry Talks to Ed Schultz About Iraq Study Group Report

John Kerry was on The Ed Schultz Show today discussing the Iraq Study Group Report and Iraq. He’s been making the rounds today on the talk shows, with one more interview tonight at 10:00 pm EST with Anderson Cooper for CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. The upshot of the report: “The Iraq Study Group called the […]

Gary Hart: Now We Own Iraq

Gary Hart weighs in on the release of the Iraq Study Group report on the HuffPo today: Among the many inevitable outcomes of the unnecessary invasion of Iraq was the appointment of a commission of worthies assigned to work out how we get the hornets back in the nest we had kicked open. This was […]

John Kerry on The Iraq Study Group Report

The Iraq Study Group report on Iraq was released today and members of the panel met with Bush for a little photo op. The panel called for a new approach on Iraq, whether BushCo heeds the report remains to be seen. John Kerry has been making the rounds on talk shows today discussing the release […]

Poll Shows Most Americans Want a Out of Iraq

Editor & Publisher has some news today on the latest PIPA Poll on Iraq. E&P says: While many in the media considered Defense Secretary nominee Robert Gates’ admission on Tuesday that the U.S. is not winning in Iraq as a sign that he may be on the “dovish” side on that war, it could just […]