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Lieberman Shills for the Surge

Joe Lieberman shilled for the “surge” and Dubya today in an OP/ED in the WaPo, thus re-affirming his alignment with BushCo on the Iraq war. No small surprise. Lieberman is all for the “surge.” I’ve just spent 10 days traveling in the Middle East and speaking to leaders there, all of which has made one […]

Statement of Frank Lowenstein, Kerry Foreign Policy Staffer With Kerry in Iraq, on the Photo Controversy

Okay, let’s put the controversy over the Kerry photo in Iraq to bed once and for all. The right wing blogs have had a heyday over this photo which originated from Ben of Mesopotamia, for days and as I have pointed out here in two posts (here and here), it’s nothing but the typical hype […]

More “Moonbattery” from the Right on the Kerry Photo

The controversy continues on the Kerry photo from Iraq, that the right wing bloggers have falsely interpretated as a statement that John Kerry’s “welcome was less than warm” in Iraq. Justin Rood of TPMmuckraker reports today that Ben Of Mesopotamia (aka Ben Runkle) has provided an explanation of the photo in question, putting to “rest […]

Many Soldiers Say Troop Surge a Bad Idea

Go figure… the troops in Iraq don’t like the idea of a “surge”. Many of the American soldiers trying to quell sectarian killings in Baghdad don’t appear to be looking for reinforcements. They say the temporary surge in troop levels some people are calling for is a bad idea. President Bush is considering increasing the […]

Bush’s Plans a Surge and Incentives

Word has it that Bush is planning a double header with the new and improved Iraq plan. The concept appears to be this: a surge and then a round of economic incentives. As he puts the finishing touches on his revised Iraq plan, President Bush is considering new economic initiatives to go along with a […]

So, John Kerry Was In Iraq

So, John Kerry was in Iraq eating a meal at the embassy and someone snapped a photo of him sitting at a table that had some empty seats but apparently talking to someone at the table, and the right wingnut bloggers have all translated this photo as the troops have snubbed Kerry. Forget that there […]

Bush and Security Advisers to Meet on Iraq Strategy

Bush’s top national security advisers arrived in Crawford, TX to hatch out “a new Iraq strategy that administration officials said seems increasingly likely to include a surge of additional troops to try to help stabilize the country.” But will they actually formulate a plan? We’ve heard a lot of empty rhetoric since the release of […]

Edwards Campaign Posts Sneak Preview Video

So much for the ruse that the Edwards campaign goofed and their website went live a day early. The blog on Edwards website is distributing the video fast and furiously by email and otherwise. For those who are curious what the new Edwards campaign is all about, here’s a sneak preview: As I noted in […]