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New Year’s Eve: U.S. Sustains 3,000th Fatality in Iraq

It’s New Year’s Eve in America and today marked the 3,000th fatality in Iraq. It’s a sad sorry statement on the polarity of this nation when blogger’s on the right make claims that anyone from the left who notes this has some motive other than to mourn yet another loss of our brave men and […]

Poll Predicts Mixed Reaction for 2007

Memeorandum currently has 2 conflicting stories up in their list of pieces being discussed in the blogosphere, that show how polls can be interpreted in different ways. In the political realm, it’s often said, “ignore the polls,” they are meaningless. Well, these two interpretations of the same poll clear show the reality of that statement. […]

Celebrating New Year’s Eve Down Maine Style

A few years ago my niece and her family moved to Eastport, Maine from North Carolina. Whenever we talk she tells me about how lovely Eastport is. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 17 years now and I often miss the quieter lifestyle of my smaller hometown in Massachusetts. My niece has tempted me with […]

Run, John Kerry, Run

With all the Clinton/Edwards/Obama hoopla out there, let’s not lose track of who said what and when, regarding taking responsibility for getting America back on track and respected in the world: November 3, 2004 Faneuil Hall – Boston, MA Senator John Kerry Address to Supporters “I believe that what we started in this campaign will […]

More Troops Unhappy With Bush’s Course in Iraq

MilitaryCity.com, the Military Times Media Group website has a new poll up today that shows that “the American military — once a staunch supporter of President Bush and the Iraq war — has grown in creasingly pessimistic about chances for victory.” This certainly doesn’t bode too well for the Bush administration, and likewise for the […]

Ted Kennedy: We Can’t Ignore Iraq’s Refugees

Saddam Hussein has met his demise, but today Senator Ted Kennedy reminds us of another one of the costs of that demise, “the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children who have fled their homes and often their country to escape the violence of a nation increasingly at war with itself,” a […]

The Deed is Done… Saddam’s Been Hung

So the dirty deed has been done, it’s not been done dirt cheap. Saddam Hussein has been executed and NBC News reported that “gunfire, presumably celebratory, could be heard in Baghdad after the executions.” Three years after he was hauled from a hole in the ground by pursuing U.S. forces, Saddam Hussein was hanged Saturday […]

Saddam Gallow’s Watch

Incase you missed Todd’s earlier post today on the Saddam death watch, it’s an interesting read on gallows history. AP News reports that Saddam will be executed within the hour. If you’re one of those folks who believes that famous people pass away in 3’s, Saddam will join James Brown and Gerald Ford, to be […]