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Hell No… We Won’t Go

Hell No… We Won’t Go… Bush Pledges Continued U.S. Presence in Iraq. Stay the course is alive and well in Latvia. President Bush, rejecting what he called “pessimistic” assessments of his Middle East policy, pledged Tuesday to make necessary changes in Iraq but vowed never to pull out U.S. troops before completing the mission there… […]

Justice Dept. to Examine Its Use of NSA Wiretaps

What’s the point? The Justice Department’s inspector general yesterday announced an investigation into the department’s connections to the government’s controversial warrantless surveillance program, but officials said the probe will not examine whether the National Security Agency is violating the Constitution or federal statutes. In a letter to House lawmakers, Inspector General Glenn A. Fine said […]

The Primary Shuffle

N.Y. Times’ blog The Caucus notes the changing schedule for the ’08 Democratic Primary today: Move over, Iowa. Make way, New Hampshire. Four days after the midterm elections, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, a former Democratic presidential nominee vying to play that role again, flew to Greenville, S.C. His running mate in 2004, former Senator […]

Annan Says Civil War in Iraq Near

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan has appealed for immediate steps to prevent Iraq from “crumbling into all-out civil war.” Uh-huh, Civil War. Annan’s appeal came in the midst of the Iraq Study Group beginning two days of “intensive behind-closed-doors deliberations yesterday as the White House conceded that Iraq has moved into a dangerous new phase […]