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State Initiatives to Lift the Working Poor

Many states are raising minimum wages and their own Earned Income Tax Credits Recent wage gains and two consecutive months of falling prices, especially for gasoline, have raised real average hourly earnings, which should finish positive for 2006, as described here. There will be attempts to claim credit for this good news for low-wage workers. […]

Senate Dems Revive Demand for Classified Data

Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee are reviving their call for dozens of demands to review classified documents that in the past have been denied or ignored by the Justice Department and other government agencies. Among the documents they are seeking some contain information “about detention of terrorism suspects, abuse of detainees and government secrecy.” […]

Kerry Was On To Something and the Big Three Automakers Get It

Last week when the Big Three automakers paid a call on George W Bush they wanted to talk about the woes of the auto industry. “Among their complaints,” Scott Lehigh notes in the Boston Globe, “The heavy healthcare costs they shoulder are hindering their ability to compete.” Their idea for a solution didn’t interest Bush […]