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A Veteran Gives Thanks to John Kerry for Donation to Fire Damaged VFW Post

This Thanksgiving some Veteran’s in Des Moines, Iowa are thankful for the caring and compassion from John Kerry that came by way of a donation to help repair the damage to their VFW last month. John Carlson, columnist for the Des Moines Register interviewed John Feller, a member of the VFW, who notes that Kerry […]

Remembering JFK

Brent Budowsky has an interesting guest post on Buzzflash that gives food for thought on this anniversary of the assassination of JFK: A Message From John Fitzgerald Kennedy On November 22, 2006. The words of JFK Broadcast: Midday, 11/22/2006, 12:06 p.m. Forty-three years after his assassination, John F. Kennedy’s words retain their power. Historian Robert […]

Pelosi Strikes

Nancy Pelosi is preparing to start the new session of Congress in January with a bang and she’s not willing to cede any portion of the public spotlight to Bush in the weeks before his State of the Union speech. Pelosi will kick off her agenda “on Jan. 4 — when the House holds its […]

Iraqis Want a Speedy U.S. Exit — and Back Attacks on Our Forces

Iraqi’s really want us to leave. Why won’t Bush listen? Editor & Publisher reports that past surveys have hinted similar results, but “a new poll in Iraq makes it more stark than ever: the Iraqi people want the U.S. to exit their country. And most Iraqis now approve of attacks on U.S. forces, even though […]

Speaking Of Turkeys

The Lame Duck Pardons a Thanksgiving Turkey…

What A Turkey

Thanksgiving is a good time to sit back and reflect on the year passed. In doing so, we remember the things we are grateful for, like the Republican members of Congress who got the boot in mid-elections. Here’s a parting shot from one Republican Senator that makes him eligible for this year’s What A Turkey […]