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Reid Seeks Bi-partisan Participation for Change, Bush Talks Asian Trade in Radio Addresses

While George W was busy talking trade with Asia and elsewhere, in his radio address today, Harry Reid, the incoming Senate Majority Leader was talking about things that Americans here at home really want to hear about. Again today Bush signaled to the American people how very out of touch he is, while Harry Reid […]

Approval of Bush Policy on Iraq Slips Again

Bush’s approval ratings on Iraq keep slipping and for Democrats it’s the gift that keeps on giving. A new AP-Ipsos poll shows today that “just 31 percent approval for Bush’s handling of Iraq, days after voters registered their displeasure at the polls by defeating Republicans and handing control of Congress to the Democrats.” Erosion of […]

An Early Look at the ’08 Senate Races

Now that the mid-terms are over it’s time to startlooking at the ’08 races and Chris Cillizza has some early handicapping on The Fix. Cillizza seems to feel that the Democrats are in a good position to build on their 51 seat majority in the Senate and he lays out the reasons why… Of the […]

John Kerry on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

John Kerry will be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this week Sunday. Kerry will “giving his first major interview since the controversial “botched joke” he made about education, Iraq, President Bush and — in many critics’ minds — U.S. troops.” Robert Freedland, Kerry supporter and friend of the DemDaily has something to say […]

Ruth Brown, R& B’s Tireless Voice – RIP

Ruth Brown the Original Queen of R&B died Friday. She was 78. Brown helped to push Atlantic Records to prominence with her hitmaking run during the 1950s. She was nicknamed “Miss Rhythm,” and in recent years she became a “tireless champion for royalty reform for herself and other early R&B artists.” Richard Harrington of the […]

Go to Iraq, John

In the past couple of weeks since John Kerry’s ‘botched joke’ moment, we’ve had various discussions here about the ‘joke’, the spin and the various interpretations and so on. Suggestions have come up from our readers about what Kerry should do in the wake of the ‘joke’. Among those suggestions was that Kerry should make […]