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Boycott Wallmart

Support Mom and Pop shops — Boycott Wallmart at all costs

Iraq Debate Heats Up, Kerry’s Joke at Bush’s Expense Lingers

As the debate over Iraq heats up again, we’re still seeing John Kerry’s ‘joke at Bush’s expense’ still lingering in the news, with a few on the right perpetuating it and some LTTE’s in support of Kerry. Bill Mahr was thrown a couple of questions by USA Today about the election and John Kerry and […]

Abramoff’s Personal Pity Party

Jack Abramoff started his prison term today, but before he did he fired off an email to friends and family. AP News reports in which he “lamented “this nightmare” political scandal that stretches from Congress to the White House and looked toward being with family and friends again someday as he entered a federal prison […]

Wing-nut Hack Starts a Blog

Jules Crittenden is a shamelessly conservative right wing-nut hack who obviously has too much time on his hands — he has started a blog. When Crittenden is not writing his column for the notoriously right wing biased Boston Herald, he spends a fair amount of time shilling around the blogosphere for attention. He’s pissed off […]

Carville is Off His Rocker

What the heck is James Carville’s problem anyway? It wasn’t enough to suggest Howard Dean be replaced by Harold Ford last week — hell no, he’s at it again and this time comparing Dean to Rumsfeld. In a word, Carville’s assessment of Howard Dean is WRONG. I admit I was reticent about Howard Dean when […]

It’s Re-nomination Time Again

For Dubya, bi-partisanship is just word he utters but practice he never enters into. Just the other day he called for bipartisanship in the wake of the ‘thumpin’ the GOP received in the mid-terms and then he turned tail and announced his intent to “renominate a controversial list of judges – some of whom may […]

American Workers Have a Chance To Be Heard

The ever widening chasm between the rich and the poor is noted by Jim Webb today in the WSJ. It’s not simply a chasm between the rich and the poor, it’s been increasingly a shift back “toward a class-based system, the likes of which we have not seen since the 19th century.” While conservatives decry […]

Harry Reid Pledges To Press Bush On Iraq Policy

It was a given that Harry Reid would take the top slot in the Senate when Congress begins its new session in January. Last night after securing the top slot, Reid said that “Bush still has not grasped the urgent need to change course in Iraq.” Reid vowed to press quickly for phased troop withdrawals, […]