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Evangelicals Leave the GOP Flock

A recent poll from Beliefnet showed that U.S. evangelicals have lost some of their affiliation with the GOP, and that was clearly evident with the ‘thumpin’ the GOP took in the mid-term elections. In a Beliefnet poll of 771 evangelical Christians from Tuesday to Thursday, 30 percent said they voted for fewer Republicans than in […]

Bush Hits New Low After the ‘Thumpin’

“Feeling Blue?” NEWSWEEK asks. Bush didn’t see it coming… living in his perpetual ‘State of Denial’ and now the American public has spoken at the voting booths. In the wake of the upset at the polls that shifted power from the party of corruption, Bush offered up Rummy as a the sacrificial lamb, but even […]

Wesley Clark Considering ’08

A small blurb in the Arkansas Times from 11/9 noted that General Wesley Clark is turning his attention towards ’08 now that the ’06 mid-terms are over. I didn’t catch this story anywhere else over the past couple of days, but Clark sources told the Arkansas Times that “Clark has said he will make his […]

A Veteran’s Day Remembrance: We Are Forever Grateful

On Veteran’s Day 2006, Blessings are sent to Senator John Kerry, and other Veterans, who have served the United States of America in all wars, conflicts, and occupations. We remember, as well, those service members who have served and paid the ultimate price and are no longer with us. We are forever grateful.. Today, let […]