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Bye, Bye Bolton

The Bolton nomination is dead. Although Bush wants to push through the nomination of John Bolton to the U.N. during the lame duck session of Congress, in hopes he’ll be able to eek it out before the take-over by the Dems, it appears that one out-going Republican is not going to let that happen. Steve […]

John Kerry on the Passing of Ed Bradley

As noted below, Ed Bradley, the veteran 60 Minutes correspondent died today. CBS reports Bradley passed away “at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan of complications from leukemia.” Bradley joined the staff of the venerable news magazine 26 years ago. His consummate skills as a broadcast journalist and his distinctive body of work were recognized with […]

Ed Bradley of ’60 Minutes’ Dies

The Washington Post is reporting that Ed Bradley, one of the pioneer black journalists and a veteran “60 Minutes” correspondent, died today. Bradley was 65. Bradley, who had won 19 Emmy awards, covered an incredible array of stories after joining the CBS newsmagazine in 1981, from brain cancer to sexual abuse in the Catholic Church […]

Finger Pointing

Angry factions of the Republican party are pointing fingers and ticking off the many reasons why, “this wouldn’t have happened if the party had listened to us.” The WaPo reports that there was some brief soul-searching but then it was on to “recrimination mode.” In the aftermath of the historic GOP losses Tuesday night, moderate […]

Vilsack to Announce Presidential Bid for ’08

As already reported here, it looks like Tom Vilsack will be the first Dem to throw his hat in 2008 Presidential ring. Charlie Neibergall / AP I remember hearing him at Take Back America 2006 in June; I really liked what he said but he came across as a little “blah”. He definitely brings a […]

George Allen To Concede At 3:00 pm ET

Senator George Allen (R-VA) will finally concede his Senate race to James Webb (D) at a 3pm news conference, National Journal’s Hotline reports. Jim Webb plans to speak shortly after Allen’s concession. MSNBC reports that the National Journal’s source, “was someone close to the Republican incumbent.” UPDATE: The WaPo reports: A concession would spare the […]

’08 – Here We Go Already

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is so anxious to get into the ’08 presidential race that he will officially launch his presidential campaign today and file documents with the Federal Election Commission to establish the Tom Vilsack for President Committee. It’s a mere 2 days after Vilsack’s fellow Democrats delivered a ‘thumping’ to Bush and the […]

Old Scandals Could Damper Gates Nomination

Bush’s nominee to replace Donald Rumsfeld could be in for a rocky nomination process. Gates was a controversial figure in the Iran-contra affair. Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball ask in NEWSWEEK, “Will his Reagan-era activities hamper his confirmation as Rumsfeld’s successor?” By choosing Robert Gates as his new Defense secretary, President George W. Bush is […]