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John Kerry on Jim Webb’s Victory in Virginia

Well, it’s official the Democratic Party has gained control of the House and the Senate as announced earlier tonight, with Jim Webb claiming Victory in the Virginia Senate race against George Allen (another Republican we won’t be sorry to see go). John Kerry issued the following statement on Jim Webb’s victory tonight: “Virginia has chosen […]

Democrats Win Control of Senate!

America won big last night everyone. “WE THE PEOPLE” now control both houses of Congress!

NBC and AP call Webb victor in Va.; win solidifies Democratic power on Hill.

Patrick Murphy Wins in PA – Fitzpatrick Concedes

Patrick Murphy, an Iraq War Veteran, has officially won the PA-08. Last night neither Murphy or Fitzpatrick had declared a victory with Murphy holding on to a razor-thin lead. Then this morning, “with all the votes counted, Murphy’s margin is reported as 1,521 out of nearly a quarter-million votes cast,” Murphy claimed the victory! Entering […]

John Kerry on Secretary Rumsfeld’s Resignation

As reported here earlier, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has stepped down as defense secretary, less than 24 hours after the midterm elections in which “opposition to the war in Iraq contributed to heavy Republican losses.” Democrats trounced the GOP, it was a righteous Blue Tidal Wave! President Bush annouced that he would “nominate Robert Gates, […]

The Mandate of 2006

Does everyone here remember (and I am sure you do) that after the election in 2004, Bush declared he had a “Mandate” and some “political capital” he intended to use? That was after winning the election by a whopping 55,000 votes in the state of Ohio. I wonder if Bush realizes that the election of […]

John Kerry: Waking up to a Democratic Congress

The JohnKerry.com community has something to proud of this morning with the Democratic Victory in the House and soon the Senate — John Kerry says thank you to all: Dear Friend, Today, thanks to you, America is waking up with a new Democratic Congress ready to take office in January. Your leadership as part of […]

One Down, One to Go……Montana is Blue

Yup, Montana is ours !

Down To One

Jon Tester has claimed victory in Montana, ousting Conrad Burns in a tight race — Burns ties with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff were a catalyst. In Montana, where ballots still had to be counted this morning, Democratic challenger Jon Tester defeated Republican incumbent Sen. Conrad Burns. Tester held a 3,000 vote lead over Burns, with […]