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Mr. Kerry Wasn’t Disparaging the American Troops in Iraq

Well said… Mr. Kerry and Mr. Bush What the senator said about the President and the war might not have been very funny, but that’s not the point First published: Thursday, November 2, 2006 Sen. John Kerry has always seemed very thoughtful yet rather stiff. So it’s not terribly surprising that his attempt at a […]

Wake Up Dems! Kerry Was Helping the Party

Wake up Dems, because the numbers show that John Kerry was helping the party. But now some spineless want to cut him loose because he had the audacity and the courage to stand up and tell the truth. Well, that’s just the problem isn’t it? No one is supposed to stand up and tell the […]

Heavens! An Evangelical Pastor Caught in a Tryst – A Gay Tryst

It could be curtains for Ted Haggard to be the leader of one of the largest evangelical flocks in the nation. Mike Jones, 49, of Denver, a former male prostitute, “went public with the accusations on Tuesday, saying he felt compelled to do so because he believes Haggard, a strong opponent of same-sex unions, has […]

The Sentinel: John Kerry Was Right Mr. Bush

I know I could not say this any better myself… We need to bring these kids home from Iraq, not be sending more there. There’s plenty of kids that knew exactly what Kerry was talking about, kids in a inner city schools who have few choices. Kerry was speaking the cold hard truth and he […]

Jimmy Tingle on John Kerry: So John Kerry Had A Slip of the Tongue, So What (Audio)

This Rocks… Jimmy Tingle speaks the truth on John Kerry the Bush Administration and Iraq… Listen Here – Download It…: Pass it along! Hat tip to Blue Mass Group.

Truth in Kerry’s Remark

The Tennessean goes to bat for John Kerry today, saying there is “truth in Kerry’s remark.” Why? Read on… The Tennessean speaks the truth that Republican’s will not speak and that Bush apologists will deny. Read on… Truth in Kerry’s remark Hard facts about Iraq from senator are run through GOP spin cycle The sharks […]

Call for Change: It’s Too Close Not to Call

It’s close, it’s really close. Reuter’s reports this morning that according to Reuters/Zogby polls released today, Democrats “lead in six of the seven most vulnerable Republican-held states.” Democrats lead Republican incumbents in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Montana, Virginia and Rhode Island, but only the Rhode Island and Pennsylvania races are outside the poll’s margin of error […]

Bush – The Great Divider

Well if the past few days have not been surreal I don’t know what has. We have the campaigner in chief, up to his old tricks with his minions doing his dirty work while he remains in a ‘State of Denial.’ As the N.Y. Times points out, he has “settled into a familiar pattern of […]