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Olbermann’s Latest: Free speech and the Delusion of Grandeur

Keith Olbermann responded to Newt Gingrich’s comments about free speech in his special commentary this evening. Gingrich said on Monday that “the country will be forced to reexamine freedom of speech to meet the threat of terrorism.” Olbermann, needless to say thought Gingrich was off his rocker. Watch it here: The transcript is as follows: […]

Poll Finds Majority of Americans Believe Iraq Is in ‘Civil War’

A new Harris Interactive poll finds that a “majority of Americans think Iraq is in the midst of a civil war.” And adding insult to injury it seems that few poll respondents are “confident that Robert Gates’s nomination as Secretary of Defense will improve the situation there.” Sixty-eight percent of U.S. adults said they believe […]

John Kerry on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer (TRANSCRIPT)

Next stop on John Kerry’s media blitz today was “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer where Kerry told Blitzer that “The American people and the people of the world want adult leadership.” So true, so very true. We’re stuck with a boy who thinks he’s king rather than a president. Kerry has been making the […]

Global Warming Melts Down Supreme Court

The Supreme Court had a bit of a meltdown yesterday over it’s first significant Global Warming case, and by the end of the argument, on the first day, “the only certain outcome,” was that the debate would continue. Slate offered this take on the argument yesterday — “The justices are perhaps deciding, after all, the […]

John Kerry Talks to Rita Cosby on MSNBC (TRANSCRIPT)

John Kerry was on MSNBC with Rita Cosby discussing Iraq. Kerry is in the midst of media blitz today, that is quite good timing considering Bush’s latest chanting of the ‘stay the course’ mantra, in the wake of the finding of the Iraq Study Group reported by the N.Y. Times today. Although the president was […]

Victory for Katrina Victims: FEMA Told to Resume Storm Aid

A U.S. District Judge handed Katrina victims a victory yesterday and dealt a blow to the Bush administration all in one fell swoop. The judge ordered that “the Bush administration unconstitutionally denied aid to tens of thousands of Gulf Coast residents displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita and must resume payments immediately.” U.S. District Judge […]

Iraq Study Group to Call for Pullback ( or Vietnamization Returns in 2007)

The WaPo reports today: “Study group to call for pullback,” and notes that the Iraq panel does not call for timetable. The Iraq Study Group, which wrapped up eight months of deliberations yesterday, has reached a consensus and will call for a major withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, shifting the U.S. role from combat […]

Does Hillary Have a Primary Problem?

For all intents and purposes some folks seem to think Hillary Clinton will take the Democratic nomination in ’08, with a wink of the eye. She’s been declared the frontrunner before she’s even announced she’s running. I’m curious… just how does that work? Aren’t our elections about voters making choices? Or are they about believing […]