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How Do You Spell Desperation? G.O.P.

The GOP is getting desperate, very desparate. When John Kerry and Ted Kennedy stepped the other day and donated $1 million — “$500,000 apiece, half to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and half to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,” that set off a cry of alarm from Bill Frist and Ken Melhman to send out […]

Fiction vs. Exploitation

The latest attack on Jim Webb by George Allen is in a word — ridiculous. Webb’s a best selling author of historical novels, which from what I understand are from “Triple X” novels. Anyone who reads fiction, including historical novels will find scenes in those novels that are sexual. Some racier than others. One would […]

Stop Endless War

The Bush administration and the GOP don’t have a plan to end the war in Iraq: Vote Democrat!

Exxon Mobil Posts 2nd-Highest Profit Ever – Kerry Says the Republican Congress Made Those Profits Possible

So gas prices have dropped in recent weeks, but the question I’ve heard from many is do you think the dip in prices will last? You can bet your bottom dollar if Republican’s maintain control of Congress, the prices will eek up swiftly again, and folks will be able to thank the Republican party who […]

Kerry Adds Wind to Joe Sestak’s Sails

It’s hard to keep up with John Kerry these days, as he whirlwinds around the country campaigning for Democratic candidates in the mid-terms. Ted Chiodo’s been doing a great job with his on the road with John Kerry posts over on the blog at JohnKerry.com, but it’s also good to hear what the MSM is […]