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John Kerry on Rumsfeld’s ‘Back Off’ Attacks on the “Mischievous” Media

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told detractors today that “to pull back as U.S. and Iraqi officials grapple with the uncertainties of laying out Iraq’s course.” “You ought to just back off, take a look at it, relax, understand that it’s complicated, it’s difficult,” Rumsfeld said, appearing unusually combative as he sparred with reporters at […]

The Online Kerry Community’s Incredible Record

The online Kerry community has something to be proud of today… The blog at JohnKerry.com reports: This morning, the johnkerry.com community will break our all-time email fundraising record for the year: in the last 48 hours, people on John Kerry’s email list have donated $900,000 to 4 Senate candidates in the most critical races in […]

Cheney Confirms Waterboarding

I’ve stomached about all I can from the current administration and Tuesday’s admission from Dark Lord Cheney is about as nauseating as it gets. The world is filled with so much hatred — we’re adding to it. Far too often those who decry hatred use hateful means for their own purposes… Vice President Dick Cheney […]

Review: Death Of A President

After reading the brouhaha over ‘Death Of A President,’ I was not sure if I would be interested in watching it. Yet, when asked if I would like to recieve a screener and do a review, I jumped at the chance, because it’s a controversial film and I believe in freedom of expression. I think […]

Admiral Sestak Joins Senator John Kerry, Fellow Vets, to Denounce Shameless Swiftboat Attacks from Weldon and other Political Opportunists

Today, former Vice Admiral Joe Sestak, the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, and Senator John Kerry, a decorated Navy veteran and 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, will join fellow veterans to denounce the “Swiftboat” style attacks. Curt Weldon and other petty political opportunists have shamelessly swiftboated Senator Kerry, Senator John McCain, Senator Max Cleland, […]

Life Is Short

Last night I received news that a dear friend who lost his wife to cancer just after the ’04 election is a hospice with a day or two at best. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and subsequent lung cancer months after his wife passed a way. Life Is Short. Tod’s a Marine who […]