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Iraq for Sale: A Call for Genuine Congressional Oversite

The film Iraq for Sale by Robert Greenwald showed at a local college last night. I went over and watched it after work. It’s being shown all over the U.S. and Canada this fall and Senator Kerry is scheduled to host a screening in Ohio tonight. This is a modest film, in a budgetary sense, […]

Kennedy and Kerry Step Up and Donate $1 Million to Democratic Campaign Committees

Here’s the latest breaking news on the money go-round… Hat’s off to the two Senators from Massachusetts: Kennedy, Kerry give $1 million to Democratic campaign committees The Associated Press BOSTON Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry tapped their sizable campaign kitties on Wednesday to donate an additional $1 million to the committees aiming to […]

Kerry: The Bush Administration Has No Iraq Plan

Bush admited U.S. dissatisfaction with Iraq today and then added that the U.S. “will not put more pressure on Iraqi government than it can bear.” In what AP described as a “somber but combative pre-election review of a long and brutal war,” Bush conceded today that “the United States is taking heavy casualties in Iraq […]

NAACP: Tenn. Senate Ad Plays to Racism

The RNC is airing a sleazy, racist ad in Tennessee that is targeting Harold Ford, Jr., a black candidate for Senate. The ad contains “what critics, including the NAACP, are calling racist sexual innuendo about a black man and white woman.” The Republican National Committee ad began airing Friday and features a series of characters […]

Joe for ‘Stay the Course’

What does Joe Lieberman stand for when it comes to Iraq? ‘Stay the Course.’ Joe Lieberman has been a solid advocate of the Bush administration rhetoric on the Iraq War. The N.Y. Yimes makes a correction today on an earlier story: Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut has used the phrase “stay the course” several […]

Bush’s New Slogan

Dan Wasserman says it all – as always…

You Don’t Speak For Me

Kos stirred up the Kossacks and some serious dissent on Tuesday when he took a swipe at John Kerry and his spokesman David Wade. I’ve got a message for Kos: You don’t speak for me. I’m part of the netroots, too Markos and there’s plenty of Kerry supporters in the netroots who you dissed today […]