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Who Are We? And Why Are We Here?

I look around the blogosphere, both left and right and often wonder about the various personalities on both sides of the sphere. Who are we? And why are we here? What drives the bloggers big and small to devote their time and energy into this passionate word play that for so many has taken over […]

Blue Mass Group: Conversation with John Kerry

The Blue Mass Group has a great interview with John Kerry today from his event in Massachusetts with Deval Patrick, that our readers should all take the time to listen to. This afternoon, after speaking with Deval Patrick at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Sen. Kerry was very kind to talk to […]

Kerry on the Bush Administration’s Iraq Announcement: New Administration Rhetoric No Substitute for a Plan

Editor & Publisher noted the switcheroo on the part of the Bush administration today over the ‘stay the course’ meme that we’ve had pounded into our heads repeatedly for so long now. Much was made on Monday, in and out of the blogosphere, concerning top White House aide Dan Bartlett stating on TV this morning […]

Kerry to Campaign in Hartford for Lamont

On Wednesday, October 25, 2006, John Kerry will travel to Hartford, Connecticut to spend the day campaigning for Ned Lamont, Candidate for U.S. Senate. He will headline a Town Hall Meeting with East Hartford’s veterans in Connecticut’s capital city, as he fights to secure a Democratic majority in the Senate this fall. Below is the […]

John Kerry: We’ve Got Momentum On Our Side

The latest round of MSNBC/McClatchy polls, conducted by Mason-Dixon in eight key states, show “Democrats are slightly closer to taking control of the Senate than they were last month.” The Democrats are ahead or within striking distance in all these states but there is no evidence of a national Democratic “tidal wave.” We must focus […]

Bush Cuts and Runs from “Stay the Course”

Following up on Pamela’s earlier post about the AP analysis: “Bush’s new tack steers clear of ‘stay the course’” *** Somebody out there needs to make one of those classic ads showing Dumbya saying “Stay the course” over and over and then have him say “I never said Stay the Course”; Then call him a […]

Bush Up to Old Tricks on Social Security

So, Bush is up to his old tricks again on reforming Social Security and for some strange reason he thinks the Democrats will buy into this when they take over Congress. Regardless of how many seats Democrats may win, Bush said he’ll make the tactical changes necessary to accomplish his goals. At the start of […]

Independents Turn Blue

With just two short weeks before the mid-terms, there’s more bad news for Republicans struggling to retain control of the Congress. Independent voters now “strongly favor Democrats on Iraq and other major issues facing the country and overwhelmingly prefer to see them take over the House in November, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News […]